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Today's generation of Kachina doll carver really is getting back to basics, and that is the beauty of this style. If you are new to collecting kachina dolls, or are a veteran collector, you will want to be sure to include many of the old style kachina dolls in your collection.We are delighted to featured the awardwinning work of traditional Hopi kachina carver Maneul Denet Chavarria. Manuel is considered one of the winningest oldstyle carvers of his time. Manuel is from First Mesa. He has influenced many of today's younger traditional carvers. manuel chavarria kachina

Manuel Denet Chavarria Jr. is from First Mesa. He began carving at the age of thirteen and carved mostly Corn Katsinam. He grew into carving the contemporarystyle Katsinam and now carves the New Traditionalstyle Katsinam and makes them look weathered and old.

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Honan (Badger) katsina by Manuel Denet Chavarria, Hopi, 11. 75 tall (1992). Collection of E. J. Guarino Upon arrival at the Hopi Mesas, I stopped at the Monongya Gallery where I immediately bought a carving of a Honan or Badger Katsina by Manuel Denet Chavarria.

crow mother kachina, manuel chavarria. 250. 00 fox kachina, fred ross. 235. 00 grandmother kachina, sony seeklets. 225. 00 heheya kachina, manuel chavarria. 185. 00 long hair kachina, justice tso. 340. 00 long hair kachina, ricardo koopee. 245. 00 milky way kachina, manuel chavarria

Hopi Kachina Katsina Koyemsi Mudhead 10x3 Manuel Chavarria. Hopi Kachina Katsina Koyemsi Mudhead 10x3 Manuel Chavarria. Hopi Kachina Katsina Koyemsi Mudhead 10x3 Manuel Chavarria

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This new batch of traditional kachinas includes a series of antiqued kachina carvings by Manuel Chavarria Jr. who won First Place for his elaborate Hemis Kachina at the 2005 Hopi Tuhisma Art Show. . This new style gives these great carvings the rustic appeal of

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